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Girls living the dream – LAUREN HILL 夢を生きる女の子


People who are living the dream… don’t just envy them and say “yeah, would be nice to live like that, but…” Think of it…that could actually be you in the near future if you keep dreaming big and believe in the process! Yay, here we go again, finally another part of ‘Girls living the dream’! I must say, this is definitely one of my favourite blogs to write about. With each of these special series we are inviting special guests to…

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Byron Bay Beach Life Retreat


Byron Bay Beach Life Retreat バイロンベイ ∴ ビーチライフ ∴ リトリート ボディー・マインド・スピリットを磨きあげる5日間 椰子の木陰で甘い風に包まれながら、自分の中に潜む自然体の自分と向き合う貴重なひととき マインドをクレンジングし、ボディーを磨き上げ、スピリットを潤す 心に生涯残る自分へのプレゼント、さあ旅に出よう!…

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1 Family 3 Nations ひと家族・3つの国籍 – Part 2


6 Essential things to take on a plane trip – with little people or even without! 機内に持ち込む6つの必需品 (日本文は英文の後です) Besides drawing from our own travel knowledge (over 25 years across the globe) we did lots of kids specific research and got some fantastic recommendations from our highly knowledgeable naturopath and homeopath friends to refine our list of travel essentials. Below you will find a list of what we took and also prepared a few weeks before our first overseas trip with our two…

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2016 The Year of the RED FIRE MONKEY – Happy New Year


Hi everyone, how was your Christmas and New Years? This is a belated holiday greeting message from us, however today is Chinese New Year, so the timing is actually perfect to send a warm New Years greeting to all of you! 2016 is the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey. The Chinese New Year 2016 starts from February 8th, 2016 up to January 27th, 2017. This year belongs to the element fire. The monkey is the ninth sign in Chinese…

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Girls living the dream – HEATHER BROWN 夢を生きている女の子


People who are living the dream… don’t just envy them and say “yeah, would be nice to live like that, but…” Think of it…that could actually be you in the near future if you keep dreaming big and believe in the process! I’m really admiring people that have been manifesting their wish and dream but also interested to find out how they got to where they are now. In this ‘Guest’ section of our website, we are introducing some very inspiring…

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Waxing meditation – Surf Organic ॐ ワックスメディテーション サーフオーガニック


If you are a surfer and maybe not so good at sitting still to meditate… I highly recommend this meditative art work to bless your board and purify yourself! 『サーフィンは大好きだけど、座ってメディテーションなんてできないわぁー」 そんな人にオススメのメディテーションワークをご紹介します。 大切なクイバーに魂を注ぎ込みながら、ワックスも塗り直せて、自身も浄化され、板に願掛けだってできちゃうこのプロジェクト! I got inspired to do this brilliant meditative work form my Instagram friend swastika_y . She does Henna art and is a very talented, creative and beautiful Japanese mama. When I finally ordered my first custom longboard, a Gato Heroi ordered via Wild Things Gallery (I couldn’t make up my mind, which model and size to order…

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心を豊かにしてくれる 小さな手仕事たち


このブログを読む皆さんの心の中にある『タイミングを待っているものたち』ってなんでしょう? 小さな物事でも、ばかばかしい事でも、そのウィッシュリストの中からワクワクするものを選び是非新しい一歩 踏み出してみては? ちゃんとまたブログを書きたいと思い もう5月になっちゃったけど 改めて書き始めました。 私は と言うと。。。 年子ちゃんの母。…

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Lex Weinstein x 3 little spirals


Our happily & beautifully decorated succulents at Lex Weinstein’s creative space. Featured in Majestic Desorder magazine アメリカのトップブロガーレックス ウェインステインが ここバイロンベイでクリエイトした素敵な空間、 私たちのサキュラント達もハッピーです。 イギリスのアート雑誌 マジェスティック ディソーダーにフィーチャーして頂きました。 Styling by Lex Weinstein Photos by Carly Brown…

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Custom made to order カスタムオーダー


Upcycled Herb Tins with Apron Let’s plant some herbs for your kitchen! *All tins are collected at local health food stores or saved by generous Byron locals 😉 *Tins have got a few small holes on the bottom for better drainage *Comes with your choice of the apron, each one of them is hand-stamped and hand-sewn on a piece of recycled fabric *Colour choices of tins: Cream, Baby Blue, Rustic Orange or Sky Blue Size: diameter of normal coconut milk…

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