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Beach Life Retreat Day 1


皆さま、大変お待たせしました。 かなり時間が空いてしまいましたが、3月に行われた第一回目のビーチライフ・リトリートが皆さまの温かいサポートを頂き、大成功を収めました。…

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Beach Life Retreat September ’17

Byron Beach Life Retreat Sep 17

バイロンベイ ∴ ビーチライフ ∴ リトリート ボディー・マインド・スピリットを磨きあげる5日間 椰子の木陰で甘い風に包まれながら、自分の中に潜む自然体の自分と向き合う貴重なひととき。 マインドをクレンジングし、ボディーを磨き上げ、スピリットを潤す 心に生涯残る自分へのプレゼント、さあ旅に出よう!…

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Byron Bay Beach Life Retreat March ’17


Byron Bay Beach Life Retreat バイロンベイ ∴ ビーチライフ ∴ リトリート ボディー・マインド・スピリットを磨きあげる5日間 椰子の木陰で甘い風に包まれながら、自分の中に潜む自然体の自分と向き合う貴重なひととき マインドをクレンジングし、ボディーを磨き上げ、スピリットを潤す 心に生涯残る自分へのプレゼント、さあ旅に出よう!…

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1 Family 3 Nations ひと家族・3つの国籍 – Part 2


6 Essential things to take on a plane trip – with little people or even without! 機内に持ち込む6つの必需品 (日本文は英文の後です) Besides drawing from our own travel knowledge (over 25 years across the globe) we did lots of kids specific research and got some fantastic recommendations from our highly knowledgeable naturopath and homeopath friends to refine our list of travel essentials. Below you will find a list of what we took and also prepared a few weeks before our first overseas trip with our two…

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Home made bottom wipe for babies ホームメイド お尻拭き


We welcomed our first child into the world in 2011. My resolution for 2011 was to try and not buy anything new in our daily life for at least 6 months and especially resist buying new things for our baby for as long as we can! (Except of course, food and essential things…) It was a huge challenge but also a fantastic opportunity to realise how much new stuff we are consuming on a daily bases… I felt it was almost impossible not to…

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Ask a Naturopath ナチュロパスに聞こう!


Our beautiful Naturopath friends Sally James & Nick Foley are running a great website called Ask a Naturopath. Sally and Nick started their website out of a passion to share their Natural Health knowledge and information they have gathered over twenty years in practice and studies. Since starting out in 2008 they have received a massive amount of emails from people all around the world asking various questions about their personal health issues. From the answers provided by Sally and Nick, a database of over 500 Natural Health…

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